a) Not enough hours

Time Management Skills You Need to Know

Not Enough Hours in the Day?

To successfully work in the fast-paced world of the creative industries, you need to be meticulously organised, self-motivated and a master of time management. Do you ever wonder where the day went? We’re all human and can, from time to time, fall victim to the lure of procrastination. It is a misconception to think that procrastinating always comes from laziness. Often our minds wander because we have overworked our brains trying to diligently complete the task at hand. We strain our bodies by spending too much time in a static position on one project. A two-hour stretch at a desk is enough to tax you both mentally and physically, so that you are no longer productive.

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Illustration trends for 2016

10 Illustration trends for 2016

Illustration trends you won’t want to miss

Illustration has a wonderfully handcrafted feel that can give any product a relatable, human touch. The skill needed to draw custom images also adds a sense of value and finesse to a design. Hand-drawn illustration is unique and is a universal medium that can be understood worldwide; a way to communicate without being hindered by language barriers. This year, people have fallen out of love with mass-produced images and are hankering after original, bespoke drawings. Illustration personalises your design in a way that stock images and ready-made fonts simply cannot. Right now, everywhere you look, you’ll see quirky illustrations on labels, brands and even in video. To help you keep your drawings looking sharp and fresh we have put together some of the hottest illustration trends to watch out for in 2016.

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Cover Image

10 Fonts that Designers Love to Hate

Frustratingly Frenetic Fonts

As they say “the course of true love never did run smooth…” and this is very true for many graphic designers and typographers when it comes to fonts. Picking the right font can make or break your design, and with so many options to choose from it can be easy to make the wrong one.

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How to stop procrastination immediately

Kicking the habit of a lifetime: Procrastination be gone!

In this post we help you put a stop to procrastination immediately. With these helpful tips we will help you become a much more productive, and happy person. We’ll show  you how to beat the urge to procrastinate using these excellent study tips, which can be applied to a variety of situations and are a good practice for your daily working life.

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B&W profile2

Graphic design insights from inside the industry

Student success story: catching up with graphic design graduate Helen Bamborough

Helen graduated with a first class BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree from IDI in 2013. Until recently, she was working in the fast-paced world of fashion as a digital graphic designer for edgy clothing brand Whistles. She has now gone freelance, mainly working for fashion e-commerce sites. Helen has taken a breather from her busy schedule to catch us up on her progress and to share what she has learned so far with the next generation of graphic designers.

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Bikini in the snow

Bikini in the Snow: An Interview with Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore talks Bikinis, Glaciers and more to IDI

Meet Iceland-based, Australian photographer Sorelle Amore, who has recently become ‘internet famous’ via her Instagram account thanks to her Bikini in the Snow photo series. Taken in the sub-zero temperatures of Iceland, Sorelle bravely bares her bikini to take these playful self-portraits. She is a one woman team and does everything  herself on her shoots including; setup, styling, props, testing, photography, modelling and editing. Recently we had the chance to interview Sorelle and find out more about her fascinating project.

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