Top Ten DIY Photography Equipment Ideas for Beginners

Written by Tom McCallum. Posted in Art, Photography, Tuesday Ten

DIY Photographer kit bag

    As a beginner photographer, you’re likely to be window shopping for all the latest gadgets that are found on every aspiring professional photographer’s wish list. However, telephoto lenses, carbon fibre tripods and infrared sensors are unlikely to be an option open to you if you have more budget photography in mind. Like most beginners, you will eventually seek an alternative route that leads you to a more affordable photography practice. One option that is well within your budget constraints is DIY photography equipment and while you might not read more…

The Topsy Turvey World of Darren Coffield

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Art

Portrait by Darren Coffield

Now here’s an interesting thought… how do we recognise people? Is it something to do with their general size and posture or perhaps the way they move? Could it be more specific; such as a particular feature, shape, colouring or gesture? Artist Darren Coffield turns our perceptions of recognition on their head – literally – with a fascinating series of portraits where his famous subjects’ heads have been inverted and placed back upon their shoulders. The question is; does it make any difference to us identifying them? The speed of read more…

One Stop Shop: The Combined Cooker, Sink and Refrigerator Unit

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Art

Cook-Wash-Fridge featured image

Not content with bringing you the very best in innovative, intelligent and ingenious design concepts, we are also keen to celebrate those which fall into the category of … just plain daft. But, it is too easy to look back on the ideas of yesteryear and scoff. We don’t do that. No, an old brainwave has to be timelessly ridiculous to be recognised in this blog; we do have our standards. However, there were commercial products marketed in days gone by that defy credulity and beg the questions, who thought read more…

Lego World

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Architecture

Wall transformed by Jan Vormann

A design classic will survive the passage of time. Avoiding the vagaries of fashion helps, but servicing a basic human need is a key element in keeping a product viable and attractive over a prolonged period. Lego is a prime example. Intended to be a construction kit for children, Lego was originally developed in Denmark, coming to market in 1949 as the plastic, interlocking bricks much beloved by children and adults today. Currently, the product is sold in 130 countries and is instantly recognisable to millions of people around the read more…

Macho Yoga Mats

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Art

Log Yoga Bag

Think of Yoga and images of figure hugging Lycra and Spandex spring to mind… either that or comfier pictures of jogging bottoms and T shirts; I suspect it’s all down to personal experience. However, no matter what your imagination conjures up, I’ll bet that there’s a mat underpinning it all. And there’s the rub – at least for San Francisco based yogi and entrepreneur, Dan Abramson who reckons that the yoga mats on offer just aren’t macho enough for today’s male practitioner. Consequently, Mr Abramson decided to design and develop read more…

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