ancient architecture in ancient greece at sunset

6 Eco-Friendly Design Techniques from Our Ancient Civilisations

Eco-friendly design is often thought of as a modern concern. However, every single one of the ancient civilisations that flourished throughout history were masters at getting the most out of the natural resources at their disposal in an efficient way. From the power of wind and gravity to solar and geo thermal heating, today’s green engineers and architects could learn a lot from their predecessors.

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rainwater collection in buckets

10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable design is often misrepresented as a new high-tech engineering process that is incorporated into the latest luxury homes. However, this could not be further from the truth.

While eco-friendly luxury buildings may be the current fad in professional modern interior design, the success of eco-friendly home design relies on the small gestures of the many – and they don’t necessarily have to cost anything at all.

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architectural photographer will scott image of kings cross station square

How to Photograph Buildings: An Interview with Architectural Photographer Will Scott

With the popularity of architectural photography at an all time high, practitioners have to do something special to stand out from the pack and put their mark on the genre. Will Scott is one up and coming photographer who is doing just that.

By shooting buildings using innovative techniques more common to other forms of photography, Will is creating a style that is truly his own. As a result, he is quickly becoming one of the leading architectural photographers in the UK.

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homepage of psd learning

The 20 Best Places to Find Top Quality Photoshop Tutorials Online

Adobe recently celebrated the 25th birthday of their flagship product – Adobe Photoshop. They marked the occasion with a lovely  video, while creative people from all around the globe paid tribute to the amazing tools the software provides.

We wanted to say “Happy 25th Birthday, Photoshop” by listing some of the best Photoshop tutorials you can find online. So, who made it into our list?

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Leica Playboy Hello Kitty

Top 10 Strange Limited Edition Cameras

When it comes to photography cameras and lenses, we all know who the biggest players are. Nikon and Canon dominate the market, with Sony following closely behind. However, there are a lot more brands out there, trying to be noticed by photography enthusiasts across the globe. While many of the big brands look at photography in a more traditional way, there are a few quirky and imaginative companies tailoring their products to more alternative markets, such as that of the limited edition camera. So, what are the top strange limited edition cameras out there? Here are the ones we found…

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