Is this Australia’s Most Impressive Car?

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Art


So, of late we’ve featured a number of car designs including miniature cars, wooden cars and even a transparent car. We’ve looked at Russian wedding vehicles and marvelled at their construction while being simultaneously repelled by their dubious aesthetics. However, nothing has prepared us for Zac Mihajlovic’s labour of love; a fully functional bat car. A resident of Sydney, Australia, Zac has used components sourced from the original film set coupled with more esoteric car parts to create this impressive batmobile design. Working with a local engineer, the result is read more…

Broken: An Interview With Jessica Harrison

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Art, Interviews

Lily, 2013, mixed media

The renowned surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, painted in a suit; complete with cuff links, collar and tie. He did this because he reckoned that appearing to be at one with the establishment enabled the artist to subvert society from the inside, as the cuckoo in the nest. Magritte’s approach, like that of many of his contemporaries within the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, forms an inherent part of what the modern artist does as a matter of course. The balance of power has most definitely shifted since the 19th century when read more…

Ten Outstanding Up-and-Coming Artists from Glasgow

Written by Tom McCallum. Posted in Art

Laura Mac Flaura and Fauna

The Commonwealth Games have placed the spotlight on Glasgow for at least the next week and Scotland’s most populous city is taking full advantage of having the attention of the world. The bulk of the focus might well be on sporting prowess, but in a city with such a proud art and design tradition, it can be guaranteed that the global influence of the Scottish Colourists, The Glasgow Boys (and Girls) and Charles Rennie Makintosh has been mentioned a few times. The importance of art to Glasgow’s past is clear read more…

The Origins of the Mundane Subject in Art?

Written by Michael Stewart. Posted in Art

The Gas Works by Vincent van Gogh

Across the history of art there has been an increased readiness to embrace the less exaulted, revered or heroic elements in our civilisation as subject matter. Long gone are the days when biblical themes, classical mythology and contemporary nobility dominated canvases and plinths to the extend that today, inspiration derived from the mundane, vernacular and domestic seem to be obligatory. It’s difficult to define when this trend for the mundane subject in art started but it’s worth considering the work of Vincent van Gogh as providing an early indicator of read more…

How to Survive ‘Sports Talk’ during the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Written by Louise Seaward. Posted in Art, Design, Graphic Design

Commonwealth Games Logos

I, like many others across Scotland, found myself sat in front of my TV set on Wednesday night ‘marveling’ at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games; a feast of Scottish popular culture that set social media ablaze (popular amongst my peers it generally was not… perhaps less Susan Boyle more Danny Boyle next time). It seemed then only appropriate that for today’s blog I really should bite the bullet and delve into the world of gold, spandex, and… eh… lawn bowls. For those of us arty-types and design read more…

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