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Which Of These 17 Types Of Photographer Are You?

Everyone is some sort of photographer these days. From selfies on the bus and family snaps at the supermarket, to action shots at the duck pond and close-ups of breakfast. Everywhere you turn it seems as though somebody’s taking a photograph of something.

With so many photographs, it follows that there are a number of different types of photographer to take them all. So which type are you?

To help you choose, we’ve gathered a list of 17 sweeping stereotypes of modern photographers…

1. The Blogger

image of a girl with a vintage camera

Image by Stokpic licensed under CC0

The Blogger makes every one of their 4 billion Instagram followers jealous with a constant stream of snapshots of their perfect life. They’d be the first to admit, however, that they’d probably still be a nobody without the help of vintage filters and mobile editing apps.

2. The Business PERSON

image of a man in a suit with a camera
Image by Stoksnap licensed under CC0

There’s no time to fool around with vintage effects or blur for the Business Person, they look sharp and so do their photographs. Try not to smile when they point their camera at you, they won’t like that.

3. The Pro

photograph of a man with a camera wearing a bandana

Image by Sergio Bertolini licensed under CC BY -2.0

A camera to the Pro is an extension of their body. Just from smelling the air they know what combination of aperture, shutter speed, and iso will capture the perfect image.

4. The Mobile Phone Photographer

photograph of a lady taking a photo on her mobile phoneImage by Firmbee licensed under CC0

Much to the annoyance of the DSLR community, Mobile Phone Photographers are multiplying at an alarming rate – and some of their photos aren’t too bad either. As smartphone technology continues to improve the quality of images taken by this emerging breed will only get better.

5. The Scientist

image of a photographer with a circuitboard backgroundImage by Geralt licensed under CC0

The Scientist is a walking photography textbook. They know the inner workings of their camera inside-out and know exactly how, in theory anyway, to capture the image to end all images.

6. The Sneak Attacker

image of a photographer taking a picture from aboveImage by LoggaWiggler licensed under CC0

Surprise! You never know where the Sneak Attacker is hiding until it’s too late. They’ll wander ahead of the group and, before you know it, they’ve caught you pulling a weird face with your eyes half shut.

7. The Casual Snapper

photograph of a nikon camera in mid-airImage by ionasnicolae licensed under CC0

The nonchalance of the Casual Snapper unsurprisingly yields some terrible results. With an allergy to the eyepiece, the Casual Snapper shoots from the hip and doesn’t seem to care what they capture, as long as they look cool while they’re doing it.

8. The Golden Oldy

photograph of a vintage rolleicord cameraImage by Skitterphoto licensed under CC0

You can always tell when the Golden Oldy’s coming from the acrid smell of developer and fixer. Squinting at the light after spending three days in the dark room, they love nothing more than giving you a guided tour of their vintage camera collection.

9. The Kit Enthusiast

photograph of an underwater photographer with a lot of kit Image by Skeeze licensed under CC0

The Kit Enthusiast certainly looks the part. Laden with their top of the range purchases, they’re not as mobile as the other photographers on the list but they’ve definitely spent the most money.

10. The Daredevil

picture of a man peering over a waterfall with camera

Image by Zhangliams licensed under CC0

To the Daredevil, photography is an extreme sport. Watch in awe as they climb to the top of a skyscraper to get a shot of their dangling feet, clamber up the side of a volcano to take an explosive selfie, or jump out of a plane camera first.

11. The Prodigy

image of a child taking a picture of a sunsetImage by Muha licensed under CC BY – 2.0

Photography runs in the Prodigy’s veins. No matter what they’re taking a picture of it looks great first time, much to the annoyance of their dedicated friend whose been looking to get shots like that for years.

12. The Annoying Friend

image of a group of friends having their picture taken at a pierImage by Foto-Michel licensed under CC BY – 2.0

The Annoying Friend wants to take a picture of everything with you standing next to it. This may seem irritating at the time, but in retrospect their forceful photography is always well worthwhile. Even if it was all an elaborate ploy to avoid having their own picture taken.

13. The Intrepid Explorer

image of photographer in the desertImage by Anita Ritenour licensed under CC BY – 2.0

To the ends of the earth and beyond. Nowhere is too far for the Intrepid Explorer to get the perfect shot.

14. The Lonely Soul

image of a photographer at sunset by the shoreImage by Prachanart Viriyaraks licensed under CC BY – 2.0

The Lonely Soul will take their camera with them on long walks in the country as they contemplate the meaning of it all through the lens. These sombre snappers are the poets of the photography world.

15. The Urban Observer

photograph of a man in silhouette against a colourful wallImage by jurek d. licensed under CC BY -2.0

You might see the Urban Observer in the street and think, “Why are they taking a photograph of that?” But don’t doubt them. They have the ability to spot beauty where most see only concrete, fencing, and bins.

16. The Hunter Gatherer

photograph of a gig photographer at a concert

Image by Matthias Rip licensed under CC BY – 2.0

The Hunter Gatherer will religiously follow his favourite band around the country in an attempt to collect as many photographs of their favourite stars as possible. They will keep their images in the most meticulously ordered collection of folders.

17. The Selfie Addict

black an white picture of girl taking selfie on mobile phoneImage by Paško Tomić licensed under CC BY – 2.0

Scourge of modern society or a bit of harmless fun? No matter what they are taking a photograph of, the Selfie Addict is always the subject. It’s only a matter of time before the first selfie addiction therapy group gets underway.

That concludes our sweeping list of the 17 different types of photographer. Which one are you and did we miss anyone out? Let us know in the comments below…


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