Artwork by Nunzio Paci

“My advice? Don’t listen to advice!” – An Interview with Artist Nunzio Paci

Once you’ve seen Nunzio Paci‘s work, you’ll never forget it. No, seriously, you won’t! He has such a distinctive style that it’s hard to miss him even in an overcrowded creative place such as Pinterest. Once we saw his portfolio, we wanted to learn more about him, so we snapped the opportunity to make a quick interview with him. If you are curious to meet the artist behind some of the most amazing hyper-realistic paintings out there, please read on…

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fine art work by south african artist anthony harris

Is South Africa Really Undergoing a Fine Art Renaissance?

With recent high sales at international auctions, a boom in the number of gallery spaces in the region, and an influx of talented graduates in the creative industries, some people have claimed that a fine art renaissance is under way in South Africa.

The South African art scene has struggled for decades with a lack of institutional and financial backing. As a result, there have been very few fine artists of note recognised on the global art scene. William Kentridge is the only South African artist whose name appears next to several zeros at auction houses in New York and London. While prices at auction are still relatively low, a few well-known collectors have been spotted in galleries across the country, and independent buyers have supported recent galleries showcasing South African art at some of the world’s biggest galleries including the Tate Modern.

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25 Contemporary Artists to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a valuable resource for artists in search of ideas, inspiration, and to keep up with trends in the global art world. Twitter is also great if you just fancy a chat with fellow artists, or if you want to present your work to audiences of potentially millions. However, in order to get the most out of your time on Twitter as an artist, you have to make sure to use it to your advantage.

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Sorcha Carey

Edinburgh Art Festival 2015: Interview with Sorcha Carey

With only a few days left of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2015, we found ourselves lucky enough to have a chat with the main person behind the celebrations – festival director Sorcha Carey. Here is what she said about her role in the festival, the history of the event and her ambitions for its future…

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Toby Paterson, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Installation view, Courtesy the artist #3

Edinburgh Art Festival 2015: Interview with Toby Paterson

Edinburgh Art Festival 2015 gave us the perfect opportunity to meet some of the most interesting artists featured in this year’s programme. After we presented you the work of Canadian artist Derek Besant, we now want to introduce you to Toby Paterson’s world of art. His “Thresholds” exhibition is a major part of the festival, so this gave us the perfect reason to talk to him in more detail about his work and experience. Here is what he shared with us…

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