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Art Trivia: The Arty Smarty Quiz

art trivia quiz

Did you miss our art trivia quiz?  Are you an “Arty Smarty”?  Find out by answering the questions below!


1. Can you name the winner of the Turner Prize 2013?

2. Who painted “Four Dancers?

Four Dancers

3. Following his famous Blue Period, which predominant colour did Picasso transition to?

4. Who did Steve Jobs describe as “the greatest living graphic designer.” in 1996?

5. What was the first logo to be trademarked in 1876?

6. Identify the brand logo?

Lego Logo

7. Which Irish artist painted Three Studies of Lucian Freud, which sold for a record €103m in autumn 2013?

8. Who designed the London Underground map?

9. Name the font

Comic Sans Font

10. Where was Albert Eisenstaedt’s famous WWII-era photo of a sailor kissing a young woman taken?

Scroll down for the answers…



1.  Laure Prouvost

2.  Edgar Degas

3.  Picasso transitioned from his Blue Period to his Rose Period

4.  Paul Rand

5.  Bass Beer (A red triangle)

6.  Lego

7.  Francis Bacon

8.  Harry Beck

9.  Comic Sans

10.  Times Square, New York

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