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Create Your Own Smartphone Cinema

Forget about Smart TV’s, pricey iPhone apps and Home Cinema systems. The true movie buff need only secure the services of a medium sized cardboard box, a craft knife, HB pencil and their trusty mobile device to gain access to the wonderful world of truly independent cinema.

First the box. This should be larger than your head but smaller than the room you wish to use it in. Using the craft knife remove the top flaps from the box. Place the box on the viewing surface, for example your bed, open side down. Next cut a head sized hole in one side of the box. Purists may wish to attach a light resistant curtain over this opening during viewing.

Avoid using plastic. Suffocation will not enhance the experience.

Secondly, place your mobile device in the middle of the upper surface of the box and draw around it with the pencil. Remove the device and use the craft knife to cut around the pencilled profile. It is important to remove the device and any connecting wires prior to cutting to avoid inadvertently modifying your mobile. Take care to cut through the first layer of cardboard only. The supporting strips on the base of the box will provide a cradle for your mobile during viewing.

Carboard cinema

Thirdly, select the movie of your choice, press play and then place the mobile, screen downwards, in this cradle.

Insert your head through the entrance to your home cinema and be prepared to enjoy the ultimate individual viewing experience.

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