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Deep and crisp and even…

We live in a contradictory world. Or rather, we choose to adopt contradictory behaviours within our lifestyles. Take the issue of health in general and our attitude towards healthy eating in particular. Through our own common sense and various media campaigns we are all aware of the dangers of eating certain types of food and the advantages of eschewing these in favour of other options. Judicious consumption of the “correct” foodstuffs will lead to us becoming leaner, fitter and ultimately, healthier. On a cerebral level, we know this. But our gut instinct (pun fully intended) leads us towards more…. indulgently dangerous products. Consequently, the deep fried chocolate bar exists chubby cheek by flaccid jowl alongside the low fat, high carb, salt free, high in polyunsaturated fat, feta filled foodstuffs we claim to eat exclusively.

Food has fragmented our society.

Manufacturers gear their foodstuffs towards specific demographics matching product, packaging and graphics to each target group. At the risk of generalising, children/teenagers/young people are notoriously fickle and have increasingly gravitated towards the fast food option over the last 20 years while their health obsessed parents struggle to maintain a balanced approach to mealtimes.Chocolate Crisps

But manufacturers vie to produce ever more attractive snacks to tempt an ever increasing market. The latest nibble set to grace our supermarket shelves combines two fast food favourites in one product; the chocolate coated crisp. This sweet and salty combination comes to us courtesy of Frito-Lay and will be released to the festive season market on a limited run to test viability. Packaged in a golden bag with chocolate coloured text and rounded, glistening, comfortable graphics these have indulgence written all over them.

Parents everywhere will be wringing their hands in grief … unless they happen to be dentists…
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