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Best Portfolio Websites for Promoting your Design Work

The internet is a fantastic tool for artists and designers.  Creating an online portfolio allows you to present your work in a much more dynamic fashion than a traditional printed portfolio, while also reaching a wider audience.

There’s no need to be a computer whizz either; there are a number of websites dedicated to helping you design and host your own professional portfolio, in an easy and simple way.

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Illuminated River – Huge Art Project to Light London’s Bridges

A massive design competition to spectacularly light up a slew of London’s bridges has narrowed its entrants down to a final six eye-catching concepts.

The Illuminated River art project tasked designers with creating concepts for a £20 million light installation, spanning 17 bridges between London’s Albert Bridge and Tower Bridge.

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10 Great Free Colour Tools for Artists and Designers

Show Your True Colours

It might seem like a relatively simple part of the design process, but choosing the right colours for your artwork can sometimes prove a real headache. You may have settled on a general colour scheme, but how do you decide which shades, hues and tones are going to give your work the wow factor?

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Brand Yourself

How to Launch your Personal Brand

There is no doubt that individuality is at the heart of creativity. The professional design industry needs imaginative and original people to help generate innovative and engaging design ideas for a whole range of different design challenges.

As part of developing and advancing your career in design, it’s important to be clear about your personal strengths and what you can offer a potential employer or to the industry. Making a bold and distinct statement will get you noticed and help you take advantage of opportunities. How is this achieved? Through personal brand building.

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Valentine’s Day Card Inspiration: Lobsters, Darth Vader and More!

Valentine’s day card Inspiration

Romance is in the air and, in this blog, we’re going to look at some of the more inventive ways to say “I love you” with a Valentine’s Day card. These designers have used their creative skills to help you stand out from other suitors this year. Valentine’s cards, like relationships, come in all different forms, so finding the perfect look and tone among the designs on display in your local card shop can be a real challenge, but with some inspiration from these innovative designers, you can make your valentine message unique.

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Canva: The New App Every Graphic Designer Should Know About

Graphic Design Industry: A great time to be a creative!

Right now is a fantastic time to be a creative in the digital design industry. Imagination, creativity, problem solving and digital skills are in vogue with employers. At the moment, digital technology is expanding rapidly. You could say that we are in the midst of a digital and cultural metamorphosis, which is ever-changing and evolving at breakneck speed. According to the Digital Design Council, in January 2015, the creative industries as a whole were worth “£76.9 billion a year – contributing £8.8 million to the UK economy every hour. The creative sector as a whole increased three times the rate of the wider UK economy – but design itself is growing at double that rate… This means the UK now has the second-largest design sector in the world and the largest design industry in Europe.”

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