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Going Underground

We’ve featured a number of photo composites of late, concentrating mainly on those that enable us to compare and contrast contemporary and historic locations and the change in their use. Such photographs are invariably fascinating as they document the social, political and cultural changes that have taken place between the taking of the first and second images.

This image is another composite; on the left we have commuters in Holborn Underground Station today and on the right, the same escalator as photographed in 1937. The commuters on the right are dressed in suits, with the majority wearing hats while those on the left are hatless, dressed for comfort and carrying a variety of backpacks. The bearded, elderly gentleman at the bottom right of the image appears to belong to a previous era; if he was 60 years old when the photograph was taken he would have been born in 1877, been 24 when Queen Victoria died, 37 when the First World War broke out and 86 when Rock and Roll reached the UK.

Holburn Station

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