Ella Goodwin Interview: Setting Up Your Own Online Creative Business

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with our friends across the pond, we’re thrilled to announce the launch our series of IDI tutor interviews.

The web team here at IDI are busy working away to revamp and redesign the tutor profile pages on our website, but we thought we’d get a head start and let you get to know our tutors a little better in the meantime.

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10 Great Free Colour Tools for Artists and Designers

Show Your True Colours

It might seem like a relatively simple part of the design process, but choosing the right colours for your artwork can sometimes prove a real headache. You may have settled on a general colour scheme, but how do you decide which shades, hues and tones are going to give your work the wow factor?

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Blog-image_Illus_socialcomment (002)

The Comeback of Social Commentary Illustration

Illustration can be an emotive art. Whether it makes us laugh, cringe or cry, it can evoke emotions and encourage us to reflect on ourselves and the world around us. Since the late 1800s –  when the first generation of successful American illustrators created their masterpieces – illustration has been there when people needed it most.

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Illustration trends for 2016

10 Illustration Trends for 2016

Illustration trends you won’t want to miss

Illustration has a wonderfully handcrafted feel that can give any product a relatable, human touch. The skill needed to draw custom images also adds a sense of value and finesse to a design. Hand-drawn illustration is unique and is a universal medium that can be understood worldwide; a way to communicate without being hindered by language barriers. This year, people have fallen out of love with mass-produced images and are hankering after original, bespoke drawings. Illustration personalises your design in a way that stock images and ready-made fonts simply cannot. Right now, everywhere you look, you’ll see quirky illustrations on labels, brands and even in video. To help you keep your drawings looking sharp and fresh we have put together some of the hottest illustration trends to watch out for in 2016.

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