Interior Photography Tips from the Pros!

Tips from 5 of the Best Interior Architectural Photographers

Want to learn how to photograph interiors like a pro? Want your pictures to stand-out? Well, keep reading and get insights and tips about interior photography from the experts.

With the rise of social media, professional photography skills are becoming a prime asset for anyone who is looking to make a splash in the creative industry. As the influence and importance of social media has increased, so too has the impact and value of images. In this increasingly connected world, it has never been truer that indeed ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

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Negative Spaces: How to Make them Work

What is a negative space?

In design, negative space is the area that surrounds objects within a room. The area occupied by the objects is called the positive space. A negative space in a room is an area that isn’t taken up with design; no pictures, no furniture, no textures. When planning the placement of furniture, fixtures and décor elements, a designer must take the negative space into consideration. Negative space can also have an impact on the ambience of a room. Ideally, every room you design should feel balanced, so that it feels neither cluttered nor too empty. Striking this balance can sometimes be a challenge. With the right amount of furniture and accessories, you can create an elegant space with an air of sophistication. However, one too many adornments and a room can feel crowded and claustrophobic. The classic beginner’s folly is overcrowding in terms of design. In a bid to avoid a sense of blankness, many fledgling designers might be tempted to fill all of the negative spaces with creative ideas. But, before reaching for another funky art accessory, take a moment to consider the positives of negative spaces. A well thought out negative space can enhance the other design elements of a room, including the architecture. The negative space can be an area of visual respite and can be used to create the illusion of space, calmness and light. In this blog we will look at seven ways to maximise a negative space to make a strong visual impact.

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Back to the Future: Are Interiors Set to Return to the 1970s?

The 1970s have had a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to design. Criticised as ‘tacky’ or ‘garish’ in its fashion and style, the unfortunate decade has been largely forgotten… until now. Creeping into recent interior design inspiration are the muted, earthy tones, bold textures and – of course – the braver statement pieces that characterised the decade (yes, we’re afraid that does include orange shag pile rugs). The final months of 2015 have begun a journey back to the 1970s as interiors make a return to the ‘disco’ era of design.

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The Best Places to Find Interior Design Inspiration

Every designer understands the importance of inspiration. Whether you’re an architect, an interior designer or a decorator, inspiration can bring life into everything you do. With so many blogs and websites claiming to be the best of the best when it comes to interior design, it’s easy to get lost.

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