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Jens Lennartsson: Action Man

If you happen to work within the creative industries, you will be well aware of the need to differentiate you and your work from the myriad others who pitch for business within your particular discipline. Being good is great, but being seen is better. Used to be that an impressive CV delivered in a well presented format was enough to catch the eye of that elusive commissioning editor; not any more. Thinking up an angle is the hard part. Enter photographer Jens Lennartsson who contracted the Chinese manufacturer of a popular action figure – and ordered a production run of 400 mini versions of himself.

Jens sends his effigies out to prospective clients in the belief that the figures will attract the kind of attention a portfolio can only aspire to.

Self promotion? Certainly. Vanity? No; just a small but perfectly formed touch of genius.

Jens Lennartsson


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