Blog title_IDI Graduation 2016

IDI Graduation 2016

Graduation Day here at IDI is always a special occasion, and this year’s ceremony was no different. Once again, we welcomed our latest crop of graduates to Edinburgh Castle for a day of celebration.

We had graduating students travelling from as far afield as Poland, Oman, Dubai, Germany, Greece, Bahrain, Vietnam, South Africa and many more!

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Blog title_Illuminated River

Illuminated River – Huge Art Project to Light London’s Bridges

A massive design competition to spectacularly light up a slew of London’s bridges has narrowed its entrants down to a final six eye-catching concepts.

The Illuminated River art project tasked designers with creating concepts for a £20 million light installation, spanning 17 bridges between London’s Albert Bridge and Tower Bridge.

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Blog title_15 Photography Exercises

15 Photography Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills

practice makes perfect

It takes practice to produce high-quality photography. As a beginner, it’s vital that you learn some basic photography exercises in order to improve your skills.

The very best photographers practice regularly, in order to better understand their equipment, improve picture composition and develop their individual style.

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Blog title_Crowdfunded Movie

New Crowdfunded Movie follows Photographer Suzanne Heintz

Following on from last week’s article on the best crowdfunding sites for your creative projects, we’ve got a story about a unique crowdfunding campaign that’s just taking off!

We’ve looked at the work of Suzanne Heintz several times before here at Creative Drum – with interviews and analysis of the satirical photographer’s work.

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