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Art Marketing: How to Sell your Art in the Modern Marketplace

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of art marketing.

It can take time to become a self-sufficient artist. But, with the right approach to art marketing, you can lay the foundations for a successful career in the creative industries.

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Top Art Competitions That You Should Be Entering

15 Top Art Competitions That You Should Be Entering

Art competitions can present potentially massive opportunities for artists worldwide, offering wide exposure and substantial cash prizes…

But how do you know which ones you should be entering?

There are many colossal lists and indexes of art contests and awards available online – if you’re willing to go trawling the web!

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How to Get an App Made: A Complete Amateur’s Guide

So, you have a genius idea for a new mobile app that’s going to take the world by storm…

But, you’ve got no technical knowledge, and have no idea how to get an app made, or where to even start.

Sound familiar?

Well, that’s exactly the situation that two young men found themselves in when they quit their jobs to take on the challenge of mobile app development:

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Blog title_Selling Your Art

Crucial Tips for Selling Art from the Industry Experts

Put simply, selling art calls upon an entirely different skill-set from creating it – and for most artists the creative side of things comes much more naturally.

But, with a little help from those who’ve already mastered the art of sales and marketing, you can learn the fundamentals of generating an income from your own artwork.

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Blog title_Design Portfolio Site

Best Portfolio Websites for Promoting your Design Work

The internet is a fantastic tool for artists and designers.  Creating an online portfolio allows you to present your work in a much more dynamic fashion than a traditional printed portfolio, while also reaching a wider audience.

There’s no need to be a computer whizz either; there are a number of websites dedicated to helping you design and host your own professional portfolio, in an easy and simple way.

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Blog title_IDI Graduation 2016

IDI Graduation 2016

Graduation Day here at IDI is always a special occasion, and this year’s ceremony was no different. Once again, we welcomed our latest crop of graduates to Edinburgh Castle for a day of celebration.

We had graduating students travelling from as far afield as Poland, Oman, Dubai, Germany, Greece, Bahrain, Vietnam, South Africa and many more!

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