Blog title_15 Photography Exercises

15 Photography Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills

practice makes perfect

It takes practice to produce high-quality photography. As a beginner, it’s vital that you learn some basic photography exercises in order to improve your skills.

The very best photographers practice regularly, in order to better understand their equipment, improve picture composition and develop their individual style.

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Blog title_Crowdfunded Movie

New Crowdfunded Movie follows Photographer Suzanne Heintz

Following on from last week’s article on the best crowdfunding sites for your creative projects, we’ve got a story about a unique crowdfunding campaign that’s just taking off!

We’ve looked at the work of Suzanne Heintz several times before here at Creative Drum – with interviews and analysis of the satirical photographer’s work.

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10 Key Rules of Picture Composition

While there aren’t technically any set “rules” when it comes to photography, there are still a number of basic guidelines of which beginners should be aware.

There are a few tried and tested picture composition practices that are standard across the industry, so in your quest to improve your photography skills you should learn these first.

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Bikini in the snow

Bikini in the Snow: An Interview with Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore talks Bikinis, Glaciers and more to IDI

Meet Iceland-based, Australian photographer Sorelle Amore, who has recently become ‘internet famous’ via her Instagram account thanks to her Bikini in the Snow photo series. Taken in the sub-zero temperatures of Iceland, Sorelle bravely bares her bikini to take these playful self-portraits. She is a one woman team and does everything  herself on her shoots including; setup, styling, props, testing, photography, modelling and editing. Recently we had the chance to interview Sorelle and find out more about her fascinating project.

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Photography Checklist_Cover

Photographer’s Handy Checklist: Camera Prep

Pre-photoshoot: prepare, prepare, prepare!

For a smooth photoshoot and a happy client, we have put together a handy print-off checklist to use before you head off to a shoot. Whether you’re a season professional or a greenhorn beginner, a checklist is an indispensable tool when preparing for any job. By keeping this list to hand, you can be sure that you will be ready for anything. While some of these checks may seem obvious, it’s much better to be safe than sorry; you will never regret being over prepared! When working as a photographer, time is literally money. So, get organised and you’ll be raring to go and ready to start snapping!

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