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Samsung’s Origami Printer

It’s a concept that has been taken to the nth degree by manufacturers of everything from cars and cameras to washing machines and fridge freezers; continue to produce the innards, but reduce costs associated with the exterior. Consequently we have high-end machinery slumming it inside bog-standard bodywork. No names; but you know who I mean….

Now as more and more manufactures of print-related technologies are looking to produce the next big thing in 3D printing, a few are casting a weathered eye on the home market and its requirement for a basic paper, ink, print-based machine. And where they are looking to innovate is interesting.

Basically, it all comes down to producing casings that are as easy and cheap to manufacture as they are to discard. And I suspect Samsung might just corner the environmentally friendly bit of the market with a printer whose exterior is made from corrugated cardboard. Naturally, it has been named the “Origami”…

Origami printer

Now if someone could come up with a cunning plan to reduce the cost of ink cartridges by a similar margin, I’ll start to get excited. Maybe.

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