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Modern Japanese Architects You Should Know About

There’s something very special about Japanese art. We find that almost every type of art coming from the Land of the Rising Sun has a different vibe – intriguing and unique. From manga drawings to interior design and architecture, Japanese artists never fail to impress us. Every year, Japanese architects are the ones scooping the majority of awards in architecture, so we thought we’d present you with some of the top names you should definitely know if you love architecture.

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Interior Photography Tips from the Pros!

Tips from 5 of the Best Interior Architectural Photographers

Want to learn how to photograph interiors like a pro? Want your pictures to stand-out? Well, keep reading and get insights and tips about interior photography from the experts.

With the rise of social media, professional photography skills are becoming a prime asset for anyone who is looking to make a splash in the creative industry. As the influence and importance of social media has increased, so too has the impact and value of images. In this increasingly connected world, it has never been truer that indeed ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

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25 Contemporary Artists to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a valuable resource for artists in search of ideas, inspiration, and to keep up with trends in the global art world. Twitter is also great if you just fancy a chat with fellow artists, or if you want to present your work to audiences of potentially millions. However, in order to get the most out of your time on Twitter as an artist, you have to make sure to use it to your advantage.

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10 UK Interior Designers You Should be Following on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic resource for interior designers of all abilities, but sadly it is largely undervalued and underused. By following the right people you can gain instant access to a non-stop stream of valuable inspiration, tips, and suggestions from some of the best in the business, helping keep you up-to-date with industry news and advance your knowledge and skills. But who are the right people to follow?

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Our Top 10 Photographers from New Zealand in 2015

Long before the days of Peter Jackson, New Zealand was was well known within the world of photography as the perfect place to capture stunning landscape photography. From golden sand beaches and volcanoes in the north, to giant glaciers, snow-capped mountains and penguins in the south, New Zealand offers professional photographers some of the world’s finest scenery spread generously over a small area.

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