13 Steps: How to Start Your Own Graphic Design Business

Does this story sound familiar? You’ve been working in graphic design for a number of years and have built up a strong portfolio of work.

Perhaps you’ve won some awards and/or made it to the most senior level? You’re now thinking the next logical step is to either set up as a freelancer, or to start a graphic design business of your very own…

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Top Art Competitions That You Should Be Entering

15 Top Art Competitions That You Should Be Entering

Art competitions can present potentially massive opportunities for artists worldwide, offering wide exposure and substantial cash prizes…

But how do you know which ones you should be entering?

There are many colossal lists and indexes of art contests and awards available online – if you’re willing to go trawling the web!

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Blog title_Design Portfolio Site

Best Portfolio Websites for Promoting your Design Work

The internet is a fantastic tool for artists and designers.  Creating an online portfolio allows you to present your work in a much more dynamic fashion than a traditional printed portfolio, while also reaching a wider audience.

There’s no need to be a computer whizz either; there are a number of websites dedicated to helping you design and host your own professional portfolio, in an easy and simple way.

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Blog title_15 Photography Exercises

15 Photography Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills

practice makes perfect

It takes practice to produce high-quality photography. As a beginner, it’s vital that you learn some basic photography exercises in order to improve your skills.

The very best photographers practice regularly, in order to better understand their equipment, improve picture composition and develop their individual style.

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8 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Any Project


Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular fundraising strategy for those in the creative industries and beyond.

By committing the right amount of time and effort to a campaign, crowdfunders can secure capital for a wide range of different projects and products.

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10 Key Rules of Picture Composition

While there aren’t technically any set “rules” when it comes to photography, there are still a number of basic guidelines of which beginners should be aware.

There are a few tried and tested picture composition practices that are standard across the industry, so in your quest to improve your photography skills you should learn these first.

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