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Top Sports Photographers of 2015

Photographing moving objects successfully is one of the most significant challenges a photographer can face as part of his work. Sports photographers choose to do this full time –  the level of difficulty involved is just one aspect of their work that makes it so exciting. At the start of this year, we made contact with some of the top names in the sports photography industry and asked them to share their top tips on getting that perfect sports shot…

Nika Kramer1. nika kramer – germany

“I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love best – travel the world and photograph talented and inspiring athletes.”

“I am addicted to the adrenaline rush before a competition, when you know you need to focus every second, so you don’t miss the crucial picture – the one moment that determines the winner. But I also love to walk through a new city, find my location, pick my angle, set up my lights and work with the athlete in the streets. To sum it up, shooting movement, freezing the perfect moment in time, that’s what makes me the happiest.”

Sport photo by Nika Kramer

Image by Nika Kramer

2. tyrone bradley – south africa

Tyrone Bradley“My top tip is: know what you’re shooting or take the time to get to know, so you can anticipate the composition at the apex of the trick/moment.”

Sport photo by Tyrone Bradley

Image by Tyrone Bradley

3. Romina Amato – Switzerland

Romina Amato“Know the sport you are shooting and your camera, and you have a much better chance to take a great shot. You need to be able to understand what could happen next, so you can prepare yourself when to hit the shutter button for the perfect moment.”

“If you know your camera and you can use it without thinking too much, you have more time to find great angles and think about ideas. I also like different views of different sports. Try new things and don’t walk down paths that have been walked thousands of times before. It’s sometimes a bit scary, because you might miss another good shot, but if it works out, it’s great!”

Sport photo by Romina Amato

Image by Romina Amato

 4. Tim Clayton – UK/Australia/United States

Tim Clayton

“There are so many aspects to taking good sports photographs, it is hard to select just one specific tip as many factors are intertwined. My biggest tip, particularly aimed at young up and coming sports photographers, would be ‘don’t be afraid to fail’.”

“To me sports photography is a failing forward learning process, you have to deal with the failure of missing THE shot constantly, as you continue to work with fractions of fractions of a second… It can be demoralising, especially seeing day after day, other sports photographers having captured THE moment slightly better than you. But through constant failure and dealing with it and learning from mistakes, coupled with determination and perseverance and developing one’s own eye, failure will turn into success.”

Sport photo by Tim Clayton

Image by Tim Clayton

 5. Vitek Ludvik – Czech Republic

Sports photographer Vitek Ludvik“The most important thing when shooting the kind of images I do is to always get back alive. It is also important to be able to recognise if the athlete you are photographing pushes himself because of the camera or he would do his action without you being present there.”

“Nobody wants to see a friend get hurt. Also, you have to make sure you use equipment you know well and you can trust. Your batteries should always be charged and put in a safe place! Sometimes, you can forget a lens, a flash or something else… Don’t be discouraged. My favourite quote for these situations is “Things that I don’t have, I don’t need.”

Sport photo by Vitek Ludvik

Image by Vitek Ludvik

6. Adrian Dennis – United Kingdom

Adrian Dennis“In the competitive world of sports photography, good sports photographers have that “little bit extra”. Not only are you expected to capture the winning moments from a match, sports photographers that consistently make their work stand out from the crowd have an advantage!”

“It maybe you know just that little bit more about the story unfolding in front of your eyes or you recognise it’s time to move and shoot a different angle or different exposure. There’s only a small space in tomorrow’s newspaper and it’s competitive trying to get your picture there!”

Sport photo by Adrian Dennis

Image by Adrian Dennis

7. Christian Pondella – United States

Christian Pondella“I have always felt it is important to shoot things you are passionate about. It is going to be beneficial if you participate in the sport that you are photographing. This will give you a deeper connection to the subject. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, be willing to miss a shot, trying to capture that amazing one!”

Photo by Christian Pondella

Image by Christian Pondella

These are some great tips from the top sports photographers in the world. Do you have your own favourite tip? Share it with us in the comments below!


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