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10 Best Pieces of Game of Thrones Fan Art

Tuesday Ten

Game of Thrones is back and with it comes brand new artwork from the show’s creative fans. The hit HBO series has inspired a fresh outpouring of original fan art in a variety of styles and to varying degrees of quality. From Game of Thrones t shirts and posters to house sigils and interactive maps, this week’s Tuesday Ten picks out the best in Game of Thrones art from around the web.

1.      Where Have All the Wildlings Gone

where have all the wildlings gone

Graphic designer, Nigel Evan Dennis, is busy working on a collection of Game of Thrones maps, infographics, character illustrations and more on his impressive website – Where Have all the Wildlings gone. The scale of his project is quickly becoming a comprehensive Game of Thrones encyclopaedia, definitely worth a visit.

2.      The Hands Tourney

kings hand tournament

This vintage Game of Thrones poster from professional illustrator Steve Thomas is a retro advert for the biggest and most brutal competition in all of Westeros. The limited run of prints quickly sold out during a recent  fan art gallery in Seattle called Winter is Coming and curated by George R.R. Martin himself.

3.      The Hound and the Princess

g of t arya A lovely scene from artist Damon O’Keefe. Arya Stark and the Hound get on famously over a cup of tea. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it’s not a spoiler.

4.     Castle Black

castle black

Concept designer and illustrator, Marco Caradonna, has turned famous Game of Thrones locations into desirable early 20th Century travel destinations in his series of vintage posters. Pack your bags kids, we’re off to Castle Black on holiday!

5.      Taking the Black

taking the black

Game of Thrones tattoos may well be gaining popularity, but tattoo artist Michael Moses prefers canvas to skin with this eerie image from the North.

6.      Fist of the First Men

game of thrones fist of the first men

A stunning landscape from beyond the wall. Mark Englert captures the scene incredibly well with a chilly metallic blue foreground standing out from a vibrant yellow sky. Perhaps the most epic Game of Thrones fan art around.

7.      Sword of the Morning 

brien game of thrones

Kali Ciesemier was another big hit at the Winter is Coming exhibition, with fans eager to get their hands on her limited edition Game of Thrones postcards and prints.

8.      The Laughing Tree

the laughing tree

A light hearted moment from a sinister series.  The Laughing Tree gets a retro videogame makeover in this pixelated offering from Emiliz Tlibas.

9.      Jon Snow

jon snow

Donato Giancola combines realism with fantasy in his figurative rendering of John Snow. Donato has previously mixed the worlds of historical figurative arts with characters from the Lord of the Rings, but Donato, like all good Game of Thrones fans, knows that Westeros is the new Middle Earth.

10.      And Now My Watch Begins

and now my watch begins

And here is John Snow as he would look in a Game of Thrones graphic novel from artist Barry Blankenship.


What’s your favourite Game of Thrones artwork?

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