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Vintage Chevrolet Auction

Those who are into the whole retro thing could be in for a treat. I’m not talking about anything as radical as a governmental directive to return to vinyl or universal emancipation for the valve wireless but the discovery of a forgotten car dealership in the USA.

Forget about electronic ignitions, low fuel emissions, sat nav and electric vehicles, these are genuine mid 20th century gas guzzlers.

So, if you are into classic cars, have a spare couple of thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and are planning to be in Nebraska next month, then this could be your lucky day.

The dealership in question is located in a town called Pierce and for 50 years, the husband and wife owners sold Chevrolets to local residents and their families. In 1996, Ray and Mildred Lambrecht shut up shop thus entombing their on-site collection of cars in their showroom/workshop and placing those stored off-site in storage.

Chevrolet Car

I can almost hear your wheels clicking as you jump ahead of me …

Consequently, a recent unveiling of their recumbent stock revealed a treasure trove of more than 500 vintage cars including 50 un-driven Chevrolets from the 1950s and 1960s. By “un-driven” I mean that these beauties only moved under their own power from delivery truck to showroom and have fewer than 10 miles on the clock…

Interested? Van Der Brink Auctions  will be delighted to receive any bid you care to make for a 1963 mint condition Impala anytime from September 28th to 29th. Let me know how you get on.

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